Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank God For Daddies!

I am really tired tonight and although I have another post in the works, I thought I would just save that one to draft and finish it later. I am working on a series which I will try to begin tomorrow but tonight I wanted to share about how our kids are being blessed this week. My husband is on Spring Break and decided he wanted to spend some special Daddy Time with the kids. Of course, they don't get enough of that, so they are elated! Today was our daughter's turn. We are a homeschool family and our school is NOT on Spring Break this week so they got her school stuff together and went to the University Library to work together. What a blessing that was for both of them! He got to be really intimately involved in her day to day routine and she got to see where he goes every day when he leaves us in the morning. Having him work with her was a refreshing change for both her and me and he said she worked really hard and was very productive. They finished up school, had a special lunch together and then went to a movie. When she got home I asked how she liked her time out and she said, "Daddy rocks! It was a great day." Tomorrow he'll take the boys out to have school time at the library too, then outside for a frolicking good time at a park or something. Their day will be shorter since the youngest still naps but they are going to have such a good time, I am so excited for them! I am blessed to be able to stay home with my children everyday, teaching them and learning with them, shaping their wills and dealing with the drama day in and day out... but Daddy seldom gets that privilege all day long, for 3 days straight! He needs the time with them and they need him too and I need a break! Best of all, Thursday he is planning to take all of them downtown DC to the Natural History Museum. Our 4y/o wants to ride Metro so they'll drive in closer and take the train to the Mall. I love the Smithsonian Museums and I really enjoy watching my kids enjoy these types of outings but thankfully my husband knows I really need some Mommy time so I am going to take advantage of their absence and balance my day with quiet meditation and working on their dressers and closets in preparation for Spring. My husband works really hard and has a tough schedule but setting aside his time off from school to spend a few quality moments with his kids is important to him and it will impact their lives greatly. I am going to be sure to explain to them how many children don't get this privilege and help them see just how blessed they are to have a Dad who values them and enjoys their company. I think a man who take an active role in his children's lives is very attractive and I know it pleases God as well. He's upstairs washing the dishes right now which is a real blessing to me too, so I am going to get off this computer and go keep him company in the kitchen!


  1. I agree that the Daddy playing an active role is essential! My baby girl never knew what a father was before Tim came into her life (she thought he was my son at first!!) and now, she LOVES him and hates when he has to work. I feel super blessed to have a man who balances his wife's needs as well as "his" child's. lucky us :)

  2. What a way for a man to love his wife too. There's nothing in the world that compares to a daddy loving on his wife by loving on his kids, in my opinion. Your man knows how to take care of his wife! Ain't nothin' like that kind of lovin'! Enjoy your time!